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Trucking can be really dangerous for drivers and those around them. So at Vertical Transport North we believe that if a job is worth doing, its worth doing right and safely. That's why all of our trucks receive routine inspections and maintenance to insure to the best of our ability that our tucks are safe when on the road. We also go above and beyond with safety rules and regulations with our employees to ensure the safest workplace possible.


We train our drivers on how to prevent mishaps as much as possible, but we also go a step beyond that.  We ensure, that to the best of our ability, our drivers will be able to handle a crisis situation on the road or at a job site. With HESS, OSHA10, and H2S training, our drivers will be safe, smart and professional under any conditions. We also undergo inspections on driving and issue training accordingly to educate our drivers in any driving condition.


Our drivers preform a DVIR inspection every time they start the day. They look over their trucks, trailers, and all the equipment within. In addition we preform monthly inspections, going over the ins and outs of each vehicle and trailer. We make sure our equipment is at its best. Our DOT inspections on both our trucks and trailers are kept up do date to not only stay legal but also to help ensure safety.


All our vehicles are on a scheduled maintenance plan to make sure they are getting exactly what they need when they need it. In addition to the scheduled maintenance our daily, monthly, and yearly inspections will find any issues that might arise. We want to keep our vehicles in the best possible condition to make work easier for our drivers and those loading them and we want to make sure that they are safe on the road.

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